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Declaration IX Indigenous Women's Forum of Wangki Empowered Indigenous Women Defending Their Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth October 16,2017

rom small streams to where the river meets the ocean, from vast plains to mountain tops, we find ourselves again in Waspam, carrying our backpacks full of experiences of survival, courage, love and hopes for a better life for ourselves, our families and our communities. We are midwives, healers, mothers, teachers, nurses, leaders, producers, advocators, communicators, artists, wihtas, we are young and we are old; but above all, we are daughters and sons of the Wangki, eager to build communities where we can all live together respectfully in peace.


We listen to the voices of our girls and hear about the problems they face, but we mainly focus on the creativity, the art, and the revitalization of our people’s cultures. We use our voices and leadership to speak of our own realities and needs, and collaborate in our own language with the daughters and sons of our communities, who now represent the governance in our region. This allowed us to cooperatively analyze the activities facilitated by the impact of our forums, and importantly, we were able to make commitments that will strengthen the governance in our community, and ultimately help to improve the lives of the members its.


We delved into an array of areas of discussion, including health, education, agricultural production and land-use planning, using a horizontal and transparent dialogue with our community leaders at the territorial, municipal and regional levels.


We further acknowledged that we all have a voice, and that if we use them to formulate proposals, we develop ideas, acquire answers, and form possibilities for commitment. Building on our own leadership, we find new doors to open, and future avenues to explore that will lead us on the path to key solutions.


We analyzed our most urgent problems to be addressed and made commitments on the following topics:

• The situation of Indigenous children

• Opportunities and challenges for youth for a Life Free of violence.

• Challenges to the fight against human trafficking,

• Women's Human Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Rights

• Women's Rights Advocates and Defenders

• Environmental Justice

• Positive Dialogue for Intergenerational Communication Methods

• Food Security for Families

• Administration and Maintenance of the Justice Systems

• Spirituality and Healing for Survivors and Prevention of violence

• Strengthening Identity through Art and Cultural Enrichment

• Education and Technology for the empowerment of women,

• Health care, hygiene and healthy living.


These are our priorities. Though we have not found resolutions to all of them, we reaffirm that the Forum will continue to be the most suitable platform for reflection, exchange, and collaboration to help us to solve these perplexing issues.


We are women and men from Wangki, and we are not alone. We have the support of people, organizations, and institutions that believe in us, they have accompanied and witnessed us in  this exercise of autonomy and intercultural democracy.


Each Forum aids to add visibility to our agendas, identify mechanisms for defending our rights, and helps us to build alliances for our spiritual, economic, political, technical, and cultural empowerment.


Therefore, we reaffirm: nothing about us, without us.


Given at Waspam Rio Coco, on the eighteenth of October, two thousand and seventeen.

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